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Phyllis Looney-Jones: Looney-Jones, Inc.

Happy and jubilant is what I feel when I listen to the harmonic sounds that this sister-trio produce. I am honored to have been a part of their first CD launch…“The Path”. Their gospel music is destined to impact the world.

Phyllis Looney-Jones - Looney-Jones, Inc., Owner/Event Planner

Mark Kibble - Take 6

Sometimes you find an unquestionable anointing of the gift of music and performance. Couple that with the desire and passion to serve and praise God to the fullest, and uplift the Name of Jesus, and you've got the key ingredients to what makes Juzang the awesome group that they are! They have that 'sibling blend' that comes with common blood…but they are daughters of the King and covered in His Royal Blood which gives extra power to every note sung and every word uttered! Listen, enjoy, and be blessed!!

Mark Kibble - Take 6

Brian Ezra Bates - BET Sunday Best Finalist

Here in Huntsville, Alabama we've been blessed with an abundance of some of the best and most talented gospel artists and groups around the nation. So much so that's it's really difficult to stand out from the crowd and gain notoriety. One of these stand out groups is Juzang and I have personally witnessed the growth and favor of God in their ministry. Marisa, Patria, and Guielle, beautiful young ladies, each one special in their own way as individuals. But when they come together as Juzang, united on one accord, the Love of God can be seen and heard in a way that has many times brought tears to my eyes. I could go on and on about Guielle's awesome voice and tremendous vocal ability, or Patria's vulnerable honesty as she shares her heart in song, AND PLAYS the piano, or Marisa's young yet mature way she commands audiences to pay attention to her uniquely written lyrics, but I won't do that. I'll just say that Juzang has become an inspiration to young and old alike, and a great testimony to how if you give God your best He will place you before His people to be used for His Glory!!

Brian Ezra Bates - BET Sunday Best Finalist

Peppi Hendrix - SFGMA

Juzang brings such an innocence and passion to the gospel music industry that is so desperately needed and desired in the arena of gospel…Not only do they bring freshness and newness, but harmonies so melodic, Heaven has to applaud their truly amazing voices. I have seen these outstanding Christian young ladies grow to be true divas for Christ…I am anxiously anticipating with baited breathe their next release!

Peppi Hendrix

President/CEO, South Florida Gospel Music Awards (SFGMA)

President, Florida Gospel Announcers’ Guild of the GMWA, Inc.


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